Video Surveillance 

View and record activity taking place in your business around the clock.

One of the best ways to protect your assets and give you and your employees a greater peace of mind is video surveillance. With CPI’s video solutions, capture HD footage throughout your business.

Interior & Exterior Camera Options

For all-around security, your business needs both interior and exterior video surveillance. CPI offers a wide range of camera options with features such as high-resolution playback, low light vision, and zoom capabilities. Monitor the most trafficked or vulnerable areas of your office, restaurant, warehouse, storefront, or parking areas both day and night.

HD interior cameras give CPI access to video feeds when there’s an emergency. CPI can verify alarm events and dispatch authorities in seconds even if you aren’t around.

HD outdoor cameras give you an expanded view of the exterior of your business. View your cameras 24/7 from CPI’s inTouch app on your phone, tablet or PC. With the infrared capabilities, you’ll have a clear picture during low-light periods and at night.


INT Camera

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Multiple Recording Solutions

CPI offers several options for recording your video surveillance footage. Our Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a robust solution that records your video in HD 1080p quality. The Streaming Video Recorder (SVR) allows you to easily monitor and record live video. Both devices allow you to efficiently search hours of video footage using a specific date and time or alarm/event.

With CPI’s innovative technology, you can record, stream, and even trigger emails or text alerts from your mobile device. Get information when you want it or automatically when something’s happening.

Remote Viewing and Monitoring

CPI’s cutting-edge inTouch app allows you to remotely check in on your business. Whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, the inTouch app allows you to track activity and look in on your business from anywhere. If an alarm is sounded—you’ll be notified with a video clip instantaneously. Keep tabs on what matters most in clear HD quality.

Remote viewing and monitoring of security system
“I have had CPI Security in my Martial Arts Studio for six months. I love the ability to control my system and view my cameras from my phone. The cameras also let me review my class attendance each night. I would recommend CPI to any business owner looking for a full business security solution.”
Small Business Owner, Charlotte NC
“CPI Security has surpassed all my expectations on sales, installation, reliability and service. CPI customer service sets a high bar for any competitor and is absolutely the best.”
Associate Director - Facilities, Non-Profit Organization Charlotte, NC

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